And the Oscar comes from…

Originally a post that rose to the front page of Reddit, this graphic got an honourable mention on the Washington Post Know More blog. Who needs journalism degrees when you can make it to the Post with some graphic skills, right?

Couple of notes:

  • What constitutes the “main” location of a film is very much arbitrary, and is based on either personal viewing experience or whatever IMDb or Wikipedia claims. If 60% or more of a film is set in one area, that’s the area that gets the label. If no area can claim that amount of screen time, I’m going for whichever area has the most significant impact on the plot, or is the one most people will remember the film for (again: very much arbitrary). Feel free to add or correct.
  • Despite the title saying “Where to shoot when aiming for an Oscar”, the area labeled is the one it is claimedto be set in (Braveheart, for instance, was filmed mostly in Ireland, but it’s obviously meant to represent Scotland). I just felt the pun was too lame to be wasted.
  • High resolution image is available here.
  • Seriously, screw Around the World in Eighty Days.

Some observations:

  • For a place that is known as the Mecca of filmmaking, Los Angeles gets absolutely no love.
  • Until 1979, New York was the place to be for almost a third of all Best Picture-winning films. After that: nada, nothing, zero, zilch. I’m gonna go ahead and coin the phrase “Kramer vs Kramer curse”.
  • The Academy Awards are extremely biased towards the USA and Europe. News at eleven.

And the Oscar Comes From