About Me

This is Victor. Just a glance at that insufferably smug little face will tell you all there is to know about him. He’s handsome, he’s talented, he’s quick to adapt, he’s a smooth talker, he speaks his languages, and he’s the most modest person you’ll ever meet. Jack of all trades, master of some, stubbornly persisting with the rest. He does weird stuff with photography, timelapsing, copywriting, website design, InDesign and Photoshop, some of which ends up online. Has a Twitter account that doesn’t tweet, yet for some reason still attracts some followers. Too cool for Instagram and Snapchat, but he does do Reddit. Based in Groningen, the Netherlands, but willing to travel far and wide for whatever you need. Event photography? Check. Need a new website? Check. Friendly chat? Check, as long as there’s coffee. Rates for photography and website design start at €30,- per hour for the basics, anything beyond is up for negotiations. Questions? Requests? Get in touch! For my full CV click here!