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Groningen Metro Transit Map (2020)

Groningen Metro Transit: a highly improbable subway network Welcome to the City of Groningen, home to the country’s most overly extensive metro transit network. Although the official slogan maintains that ‘there’s nothing above Groningen’, nowhere does it say that you’re not allowed to go underneath. For the convenience of the international visitor, this map has …

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[Dutch] De Baantjescarroussels van Nederlandse Bewindslieden

November 2017: ‘tis the season om ons weer eens oud-Hollands kapot te ergeren aan al die voormalige bewindslieden die óf moeilijk hard op hun wachtgeld gaan teren van onze belastingcenten, óf via vriendjespolitiek, old boys networks en schaamteloos nepotisme meteen een of andere topfunctie inrollen. Sjongejonge. </populismemodus off> Maar wat stelt die Haagse baantjescarroussel nou helemaal voor? Ik …

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Famous Faces of Europe

The Pantheon 1.0 dataset maps “historical cultural production” by collecting, visualizing and analyzing data from the biographies of historically, culturally and/or politically significant figures worldwide. See here for more info about their methods. Although this map is largely created by listing the first name in every country (see Ranking > People > Parameter: Birth Country), the …

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The Worst of the Best

Previously featured on the frontpage of Reddit, this album showcases the lowest rated films (according to Rotten Tomatoes) from 40 acclaimed directors, such as Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola and the Coen Brothers.

Famous People in Fiction

This was originally a series of albums in the /r/Movies subforum at, featuring a wide range of figures with some historical significance and the actors who portrayed them in film and TV. Album 1 | Album 2 | Album 3 | Album 4 | Album 5 | Album 6 | Album 7 | Album 8 | Album 9